• Student Affairs Objectives

    The main purpose of Stamford Student Affairs work is to promote and support the university policies by developing and producing qualified graduates in order to serve the vision of the university and focus on promoting and supporting both internal and external student-benefited activities in any field, as well as providing welfare and services to students by coordinating within the campus and outwardly. In addition, Student Affairs work includes career preparation, and job application and more importantly creates and develops student disciplines to comply with rules and regulations, principles and morals.

  • Stamford Student Organization (Petchaburi Campus)

    Stamford Student Organization provides the means, whereby members of the student body may express themselves effectively in the development and maintenance of the university programs which affect their intellectual, physical, social, economic, and spiritual welfare.

    ​(Left to right)
    ​Ms. KannikaChaphoton (Secretary), Mr. ChayanonWachirakajornwong (Vice President), Ms. PichanutThawornnan (Treasurer),Mr. AnawatPaowijarn (President), Mr. NapatsakornSuadsom(Activity), Mr. SamartRuangdam(General Service), Ms. RattapornAmornwattana (Public relation)

  • Student Activity

    The objective of Student Affairs is to supervise students’ development in morality and ethics. There are 2 main activities, activities organized by students and activities organized by university. Moreover, to support student development, through social clubs such as, clubs of CSR, Clubs of Arts & Culture, Clubs of Sport and Clubs of Academics.

  • Counseling Services

    Stamford counseling service center is where students can find advising servicesin various key areas of university life including, personality adjustment, academic learning and development, and social/economic/health improvement, along with a support provided in personality development, moral and ethics, and other general guidance.

    Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8.30-17.30 hrs. or call: 032-442-322-3 ext. 220

  • Health Care Services

    Stamford health services center opens every weekdaywith aprofessional nurse to providehealth care services for both students and university staff, with the aim to improve quality of life of students and staff physical and mental wellbeing. The nurse at Stamford is not only responsible for health care services, but also helps stimulating good health, illness protection, and providing services in accident insurance for students.

    Service hours: daily, 8.30-17.30 hrs. or call: 032-442-322-3 ext. 100

  • Student Services

    Student Loan

    is the project that the government by Ministry of Finance. The objective is to create higher-level educational opportunity for underprivileged students from poor families (income less than 200,000 baht/year) which is an important element in upgrading the living conditions of the people as well as responsive to the government’s income-distribution policy and to support the demand side in the education system by increasing people’s ability to carry the burden in educational expenses.

    Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8.30-17.30 hrs. or call: 032-442-322-3 ext. 220


    Student Affairs allocated scholarships. There are 5 types of scholarships, Academics, President, Sport, Talent and Educational Assistance. Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8.30-17.30 hrs. or call: 032-442-322-3 ext. 220

    Reserve Officer Training Course (ROTC)

    All male students of Thai nationality are required to register with the Thai military when they reach the age of 20. A citizen can register for training at an earlier age; training courses taken in high school or at university may count toward meeting national military requirements. Military exemptions Military exemptions are in case a student needs to go to the army when he is 21 years of age, but still studying. Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8.30-17.30 hrs. or call: 032-442-322-3 ext.370

  • Accommodation

    At STIU, Petchaburi campus, there are male and female secured dormitories offered for distant domiciled students. Through a dorm life, students get accommodated living inside the campus, saving time and transportation expenses, and at the same time learning to live with others responsively. STIU dormitories are 4-storey buildings, one male and one female building, each of them consists of 83 rooms.

    Service hours: daily, 8.30-17.30 hrs. or call: 032-442-322-3 ext. 424