CAE: Center for Academic Excellence - Stamford International Universityen CAE: Center for Academic Excellence - Stamford International University


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CAE: Center for Academic Excellence

Welcome to the all new CAE

at Stamford International University.



CAE Vision:

To be a place where all students of the university can be helped to reach their goals of academic excellence. Through peer to peer coaching, teacher-led workshops, coach-led clubs as well as having a variety of useful academic resources on hand, the CAE will help students the help that they truly need.



What is the Center of Academic Excellence?

The CAE is a place where ANY student can get HELP with classes they might be having problems with.



Who is the CAE for?

All students can be coached and tutored for almost ANY academic subject or LLP course they might be taking. Self-study and semi-guided learning for students in LLP courses is also available.

Who works in the CAE?

The CAE is made up of Stamford Language Learning Advisors, LLP teachers and Academic Coaches (i.e. senior students) from all STIU faculties. *If you are interested in finding out about the benefits of becoming an Academic Coach, please contact the CAE directly*



Where is the CAE located?

The CAE is located on the 5th floor of building #2 (right next to the LLP office).



When can I get help of use the CAE premises?

The CAE is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5pm.



Why should I use the CAE?

The CAE not only has Language Learning Advisors and Academic Coaches to help you with your studies, but we also offer:

  • Social clubs (great opportunities to make new friends and practice your English skills!)
  • LLP Teacher -led Workshop (great opportunities to fix problems and study better)
  • Book and Audio resources (materials that can help you with a wide variety of English and academic skills for many of your classes)
  • Special Events (from guest speakers to CSR campaigns to holiday socials and much more!)
  • Upcoming academic and career related opportunities to improve your CV/resume



How much does it cost?

The CAE services we provide to students are absolutely FREE!

How offten can I go?

As a STIU student, you are welcome in the CAE anytime you want to practice, learn, help, coach/tutor – and generally become an EXCELLENT student!


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