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Asoke Campus Learning Center Grand Opening – Catalyst for Thai Success

February 1st 2016

On the 1st February, 2016, Stamford held the Grand Opening of its new Asoke Campus Learning Center. The day began with industry experts sharing their experience through a seminar called “Catalyst for Thai success: the Power of Global Knowledge & Innovation”. The seminar gave expert insights on how people should position themselves to be successful in the wake of globalization and borderless communications. During the panel discussion, panelists stressed how global knowledge and innovation is key for sustained growth.

The panelists were:

Khun Somsak Mukdavannakorn, Public Sector Director, Microsoft Thailand.

Khun Rawit Hanutsaha, Managing Director, Srichand United Dispensary Co., Ltd.

Khun Nattapote Kuslasayanon, Adviser to General Manager, True Voice Company Ltd.

Khun Peerapol Sa-ngamuang, Head of Marketing, Zalora Thailand.

Dr Ake Choonhachatrachai,GM, Stamford Asoke Campus Learning Center.

The discussion looked at the problems faced by modern graduates with an emphasis on what International universities in Thailand can do to help them succeed in the modern workplace.

Looking at the modern workplace, Khun Nattapote said that Thailand has the talent, but there needs to be a change in mindset. “In terms of technical skill, Thai computer coders are among the best in the world, but there is a lack of people who possess a truly global view and are able to communicate what they think in a common language, and that is what’s needed now.”

Khun Peerapol agreed that there needs to be a change in mindset. “In the future, “e-commerce”, “email” – whatever “e” transaction would be part of our everyday life – will need someone who is capable of improving their self-learning skills and be able to share critical thoughts and viewpoints. Most Thais don’t dare to speak up. It doesn’t matter how great your idea is, if you cannot articulate it.”

Khun Somsak stressed that the world is moving faster and it was essential to keep up with technology and trends. He said that “Previously, if you slept for 10 years, when you woke up everything would be largely the same. These days, however, if you sleep for just two years, you would probably not be able to catch up.”

Khun Rawit reiterated the need to keep up to date and said, “By the time you graduate, what you have learned is already obsolete.” He thinks it is the job of educators to prepare graduates for this eventuality. He added, “Universities should train students to be able to think outside the classroom.”

Dr Ake Choonhachatrachai, GM, Stamford Asoke Campus Learning Center, wrapped up the session, talking about an element for success that many forget. “Even if you have all 4 ‘p’s covered – product, price, place, promotion – you will still be unsuccessful if you forget the final ‘p’: Passion.”

Stamford would like to thank these industry experts for their insights and advice. Events such as this are of immense value to students as they prepare themselves for the challenges of the modern workplace.