Stamford’s Hua Hin campus receives media visit from national press - Stamford International Universityen Stamford’s Hua Hin campus receives media visit from national press - Stamford International University


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Thai press visits Stamford's Hua Hin Campus

July 29th 2016

Hua Hin Campus

On the 29th July, the Hua Hin campus welcomed 40 members of the press. The event was to show the lengths Stamford is going to in addressing the demand for skilled labor in Thailand. Stamford has launched a number of new international programs in business and hospitality management as the city, Thailand’s first beach resort, continues to prosper and develop. The press members were shown around the campus and introduced to Stamford’s numerous innovative programs.

Stamford now has just over 1,000 students at its Hua Hin Campus and currently offers Thai and bilingual undergraduate and Thai postgraduate programs in the areas of business & technology, hospitality, communication, arts, and design. Stamford expects its new international programs will help meet rising industry demands in the area.

After the tour, Mr. Pierre Bourgoin, Assistant President of Hua Hin Campus outlined Stamford’s plans for the Hua Hin Campus. “We will continue to leverage our global best practice under Laureate’s network and follow on the success of our international programs in Bangkok. There will be more options for local students and attractive offerings non-Thai students. At the postgraduate level, we have also launched our Signature MBA in Hua Hin, modernizing the program with the same blended model (classroom and online) as our award winning MBA offered in BKK. Our ultimate goal is to continue to do good things for our community and help unleash the potential of our students and prepare them to be ready for 21st century economies.”