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July 2017

International Program


English is the global language of business. Good English skills will open doors to unlimited opportunities and unlock career possibilities.


A Modern and Practical Arts Program

Get to experience the different applications of English in today’s changing world by studying Applied Global Communication. Touch upon the traditional aspects of a BA in English – such as literature, poetry and drama – and also see the more modern applications of the English language in disciplines that have a global perspective.


21st Century Skills

Study in a programs that explicitly focuses on developing skills for success in the 21st Century. Learn to critically analyze and evaluate information, express yourself creatively, collaborate with others, and communicate effectively and with confidence.


Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Learn subject matter while perfecting your language skills. The CLIL methodology helps students continuously improve their English through the study of content, and benefit from a highly sophisticated level of language proficiency upon graduation.



Wide-ranging work options in international environments that require strong English language skills, critical thinking, information literacy, communication and collaboration skills.

  • Freelancer (Translator, Interpreter, Content Writer, Editor, Columnist)
  • Government Officer responsible for foreign affairs, international cooperation
  • Communication Manager, Content Manager
  • Personal Assistant to high-level executives
  • English Language Specialist, English Language Teacher
  • International Project Manager
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