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The Finance and Banking program covers three very broad areas of financial decision making: investmentsfinancial institutions, and corporate finance. The program equips students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully analyze and solve problems encountered in a finance-centered career.

Co-Branded Program

Stamford’s Finance and Banking program is a co-branded program with Maybank Kim Eng (Thailand). Headquartered in Malaysia and with operations in 11 markets including the U.S. and Hong Kong, Maybank Kim Eng provides services in corporate finance, capital markets, derivatives, securities brokerage, and investment research. This mutually beneficial partnership supports Stamford students in a number of ways. This consists of internships at Maybank Kim Eng giving students the opportunity to develop their career interests and skills in a professional setting, workshops and seminars conducted by Maybank Kim Eng professionals exposing students to real-world life experiences, and participation in a variety of other activities including Maybank’s “Invest Like a Tiger” television program on the Money Channel.

State-of-the-art Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab

Stamford’s state-of-the-art Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab gives finance and banking students hands-on experience using the same cutting-edge technology and information relied on by financial professionals worldwide. In Stamford’s dedicated lab, finance and banking students experience the dynamics of a dealing room through simulated trading, analyze real-world problems with real-world financial market data, earn additional certifications from Bloomberg, and learn from Bloomberg specialists.

Off-Site Visits

Finance and banking students visit exciting multinational corporations and institutions such as Bualuang Securities, The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Maybank Kim Eng (Thailand), the Bank of Thailand, and more. Off-site visits help students develop their understanding of how theoretical principles are applied in a real working environment and provide an opportunity for students to interact and build connections with industry experts.


Finance and banking students build up their experience by undertaking an internship. Students have successfully completed internships at places such as Broadgate securities, DutchMill, A. Stotz Investment Research, AIP Global, Chuayram Engineering, S2M Group, ECCO, Kyra Mode, and The Pacific securities Co., LTD.



  • Financial Analysis
  • Investments
  • Commercial Banking
  • The Latest Technology; from Excel to the Bloomberg Terminal
  • Trading
  • Portfolio Management
  • Credit Analysis
  • Research, Interpret and Analyze Financial Data
  • Evaluate Risks and Returns
  • Explain how the various elements of the financial system work together
  • Simulate Investment Analysis and Trading Operations Activities
  • Earn Bloomberg Certifications
  • Deliver Presentations with poise and confidence
  • Work with a team, solve conflicts and negotiate successfully

A wide range of job opportunities are available to students, including:

  • Financial Planner
  • Stockbroker
  • Securities Analyst
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Cash Manager
  • Capital Budgeting Analyst
  • Loan Officer
  • Credit Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Project Finance Manager
  • Insurance Agent
  • Underwriter
  • Risk Manager
  • Mortgage Banker