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Stamford International University is one of the most diverse universities in Thailand with international students from over 100 countries representing 40% of the student population.

70% of our faculty members are from overseas including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Germany.

Experience a vibrant and interactive international learning environment! At Stamford, every day is a truly cross-cultural experience, with English spoken while socializing as well as learning.


Global opportunities at local tuition prices.

All Stamford International University students can experience a multitude of student exchanges, study tours and dual degree programs at a very reasonable price. Stamford students need only pay Stamford local tuition fees, with no additional fees, to enjoy a semester abroad at selected overseas universities in various countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Australia, USA, and many more.



Stamford International University offers international quality education delivered by experienced faculty from all around the world at affordable tuition fees*.

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Stamford became a member of Laureate International Universities in 2011, and is connected with 75 institutions in 25 countries and more than a million students around the world across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Laureate allows Stamford to guarantee a certain quality of education and gives increased recognition to its degrees. Being part of this global network brings international advantages. Students have access to worldwide learning resources with study abroad and dual degree opportunities. They can also take part in Laureate events such as the World of Business Ideas (WOBI). WOBI hosts forums all over the globe and features business people shaping modern life. Laureate gives Stamford a link to the rest of the world, enhancing an already international institution.


Gain real world-experience through a combination of Stamford’s unique internship programs in Thailand and overseas, industry projects and co-developed programs.

With a network of over 100 corporate partners in Thailand and around Asia, Stamford guarantees internships for all students. Companies such as Singapore Airlines, Google Thailand, Accor, McDonalds, Loxley, TNS, Modernform and PricewaterhousecCoopers have all teamed up with Stamford to allow students unique access to real world training experiences, in order to make sure our students and graduates obtain the skills necessary to stand out on the job market.

Students develop both academic and practical skills through a 480-hour internship program in a real-world business setting with full support from Stamford’s Employer Relations Department and the faculty. Additional industry interactions include Stamford’s job fairs and “Meet the Professional” events, which provide students with the opportunity to network with potential employers and successful professionals.

With a real world approach to learning, students can start preparing for their careers on day one.


Connecting with universities from all over the world allows for an even wider range of quality programs. Stamford has partnered with numerous world-renowned programs including:

• Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, the leading International Hotel Management School in Asia Pacific and Australia

• Pace University, an American university renowned for marketing at its Lubin School of Business

• Media Design School, New Zealand’s highly-awarded and globally-recognized institute for digital and creative technology

• Kendall College, one of the best hospitality schools in America

• Real Madrid Graduate School, one of the world’s top 10 Sports Management Schools

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First university in Thailand to receive International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) accreditation of the business and management programs offered through its Faculty of Business and Technology.

Stamford International University and its programs, curricula and degrees are fully accredited by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ministry of University Affairs (MUA) of Thailand. It is listed in the MUA’s List of Recognised Private Universities.

The 4th highest score in the External Quality Assurance in Thailand awarded by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment of Thailand.

‘Excellent’ score in the Commission on Higher Education of Thailand’s annual Internal Quality Assessment for 5 consecutive years.

Won ‘Blackboard Catalyst Award’ for innovative blended learning in 2014 – overcoming 85 countries from around the world.


Stamford offers the step-by-step Bilingual Track with an innovative curriculum structure.

Stamford designed the step-by-step Bilingual Track to help Thai and Chinese students, at any level of English proficiency, to gradually develop their English skills. With Stamford’s progressive learning model, students will step-up with confidence to study and communicate in English.

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In order to deliver an educational experience of international standards, Stamford provide state-of-the-art facilities to its students, including: several Mac & PC Labs, Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab, Communication Art Studio equipped with filming set, audio recording room and editing center, training restaurant with a demo kitchen, mock-up hotel room and front desk, online learning platforms and a modern library with online access.

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Programs at Stamford follow an American Curriculum structure with international credits. Commonly an undergraduate degree takes four years to complete. With the trimester system, used at Stamford, students can graduate in less than three and a half years (including an internship), which is ten academic terms. The MBA program consists of three academic terms and can be completed in less than a year. While academic terms at Stamford may be intense, the trimester system also allows our students three month-long breaks per year.

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Stamford International University believes in looking after its international students. The student life department assist new students with airport pick up, accommodation reservation and visa renewal throughout their studies.

Stamford provides students with nurse and psychologist on campus. It is free and strictly confidential. Services are provided by licensed mental health professionals and are designed to assist students to enhance their ability to be more effective in their academic and personal lives.

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