2018 Graduation Ceremony – Rama 9 Campus Valedictorian

“I urge everyone here to consider doing things you would not normally do. Jumping out of your comfort zone and seeking discomfort are things that just might lead you to the greatest experiences of your life!”

2018 Commencement Ceremony – Hua Hin Campus Valedictorian

“I do not know when I stopped having a fear of speaking English, but I know that what changed my mind were my friends and teachers here at Stamford. They always influenced me, helped me and stood beside me.”

How Stamford prepared me for my career

Tom van Beusichem, our Marketing Management alumni from the Netherlands who is now working as a Sales & Customer Relations Representative, shares how Stamford prepared him for his career. “I30

ABM Student Story: Meet Hkawn Ling Jangma

Meet Hkawn Ling Jangma, our Airline Business Management student from Myanmar. “When Stamford International University came to visit and talk in my city, my family and I found the university really30

Nothing Short of Amazing

Meet Zienab Oliveria, an International Business Management alumni from Philippines. She is now a Senior Talent Manager at GetLinks. “My experience at Stamford was nothing short of amazing.” “I studied International Business Management which30

It was not just theory but also highly practical

I really enjoyed my major. It was really reliable and focused, totally meeting our expectations. We studied valuable courses regarding hotel and restaurant operations.