Education and The International Perspective

“I love the fact that I get to meet friends from many countries around the world such as Russia, Sweden and Denmark. Each of them comes from a different background and culture, which helps me a lot in having more understanding on diverse perspectives”

Stamford International University Welcomed into CFA Institute University Affiliation Program

Students of BBA in Business Administration Concentration in Finance and Banking taking steps to career success through preparation for the CFA Program

How to Succeed in Job Interviews

Students from BA in English programs, led by Ajarn Cell Dilon, the Program’s Associate Director, demonstrated Dos and Don’ts in job interviews to the audience.

The Road to Top Designer

“I find the inspiration to design all around us. For example on my phone I was inspired by Facebook and also seeing artwork at art exhibitions. These are my collected inspirations for work.”

Unlocking the secrets to a career in the sky

“Working in the international airline business means working with people from all over the world. Language skills are essential. One of Stamford’s key strengths is  building language proficiency.”

Unleash Your Potential in Thailand 4.0

Students and graduates need to prepare themselves and be ready for the digital future and opportunities offered by the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and Thailand 4.0. Companies are going through a digital transformation and rapid modernisation.