Stamford students initiate donation to coronavirus hospitals

As you will be aware, the Coronavirus epidemic is getting increasingly serious. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency on 31st January 2020. The shortage of medical protective30

Stamford established official collaboration with the Urban Institute for Disease Prevention and Control

To increase the level of preventive action against the CORONA virus situation, Stamford International University has signed the MOU with the Urban Institute for Disease Prevention and Control on 4th of February 2020. 30

Stamford initiated freedom run to raise awareness for human trafficking worldwide

January is Human Trafficking Awareness month, which is dedicated to raising awareness of sexual slavery and human trafficking worldwide. Today 21-30 million people are enslaved in the world more than30

Stamford launched Stamford Minds campaign to promote mental health

Last week, the Stamford Minds campaign conducted activities at the Rama9 and Hua Hin campuses to promote mental health and well-being awareness and practices. As part of this initiative, the30

Stamford gets creative and highlights sustainability with ‘Sustainable Costume Contest’

Waste and sustainability is a hot topic right now with initiatives springing up all over the globe. Thailand’s recent ban on single-use shopping plastic bags has been top of the30

Stamford student tops major international competition with 22,000 entries

We are incredibly pleased and proud to announce that Stamford CMD student Mr. Natapan Boonmasiri won the Finalist in the Product Design Category at the TEDA Cup International Youth Design30