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"I’m impressed with the international friends and faculty coming from many countries. This has opened my world, allowing me to freely exchange thoughts and ideas with others. Studying here helps me improve myself in every way, encouraging me to be bold, confident, and also improve my English skills."

Kulanun Chuntapa (Yam)

Thai , Undergraduate Student

"I chose Stamford as it offered a course I really liked and it is so international. I picked communication arts and I can get my hands on the real equipment used in the state-of the art studio. The lecturers are all really intelligent and have real experience in the media industry."

Chara Revett

UK , Undergraduate Student

"Some other universities offered programs in English, but Stamford seemed to be the most international. I particularly enjoy the teaching style here where I was taught not only to think, but also to do things. I love the way we are prepared from day one for a future management role."

Callum Dale

UK , Undergraduate Student

"Some might think that studying in a private university is easy, but Stamford made me rethink that. Teachers here are very dedicated to the students, as they would like us to understand and be able to apply what has been taught. That encourages me to be more diligent and constantly improve myself. I also love the way we are supported by the teachers and friends, just like a family."

Jirapat Deemak (Cat)

Thai , Undergraduate Student – Hua Hin Campus

“I believe studying in Thailand will open doors to many future opportunities. Stamford was the best choice for me because the truly international environment allowed me to understand different perspectives. The experience I had here actually helped me form the basis for my own company”

Edwin Willems

Netherlands , Postgraduate students - Bangkok , Founder of ASIAN – ARTISAN

“I like the “Block Course” because I can focus on my study subject-by-subject and the supportive online learning platform helps me prepare before classes. Every time I come to class, I get inspired because we always share our knowledge and ideas, which is so practical and can be applied at work.”

Somporn Moonsarn

Thai , Postgraduate student - Bangkok , HRM and HRD Manager at Ichiton Group Public Company Limited

“I am studying a part-time MBA at Stamford because it is a blended program that combines classroom learning with online study. This way I can achieve the best learning outcome while still maintaining my work-life balance.”

Orarat Khunnawat

Thai , Postgraduate student - Bangkok , Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)

"The IHM program here is amazing and it builds student knowledge and life experience, step by step. I have been working hard to learn and develop both technical and interpersonal skills, in order to prepare myself for a management position in my future career."

M Omar Al Bondakji

Syria , International Hotel Mangement

"Airline Business Management at Stamford was certainly a diverse course; there were many opportunities, even out of the airline industry, to apply my knowledge and skills."

Teerapat Nueamit

Thailand , Airline Business Management Alumni

"Doing the employer projects and having an internship while studying is a good transitional process, where you start as a university student and evolve into a working professional."

Marut Srichawla

Thailand , International Business Mangement

"I like IHM program at Stamford first of all for its teachers. They are real professionals from industry and their stories about their experience helped me a lot. During last two semesters they prepared me with almost all the basic knowledge I would need to work in a hotel."

Daria Salomatova

Russia , International Hotel Mangement

"I chose marketing, as I would like to be an outstanding marketer and be ready to work at an international level after I graduate. The STIU study plan is so interesting to study, looking at aspects such as business-to-business and personal selling."

Sajeegarn Sirichavalbun

Thailand , Marketing

"I chose Stamford because of the CMD program and its relations to the Media Design School in New Zealand. Both have a great reputation worldwide. CMD has a lot of the courses I wanted and I can pick my specialty in the final year."

Lidan Beck

Israel , Creative Media Design

"CMD uses the latest equipment, which makes graphic design work a lot easier. We are taught to develop our design skills and creativity by teachers that have a lot of work experience in graphic design."

Daranee Rodpotong (Bell)

Thailand , Creative Media Design

"The program creates an environment of rich interaction between its students and faculty members. I have had the great opportunity of being taught by an amazing team of qualified, supportive, open-minded, and inspiring professors. The healthy balance of courses that teach both theory and practical knowledge enriches the academic life and holistic development of its students."


Phillippines , Communication Arts

"I like studying Introduction to Communication Arts because it gave me a strong foundation in the subject. I am inspired to work for media relating to sports in the future."


Sweden , Communication Arts

"I am studying IT and I have been provided with a MacBook to work on, which is great. I also like that the teachers are international, and they all speak English, which is a bit different from another university in Thailand where I used to study. With the skills I learn here I hope to one day go into programming."

Saheeb Adam

Pakistan , IT

The IT program equips us with knowledge and hands-on IT skills. As someone passionate about computers, I enjoy my IT classes very much. The field trips and seminars that are available for us to participate in, allow us to see how IT is applied professionally.

Rafaelle Faustine Jimenez Palmos

Phillippines , IT

"I love the class environment where students and lecturers engage, allowing us to express our thoughts and to develop our critical thinking. Studying IT here is not all about theory; it is also practical with guest speakers from industries, and we also get to learn about business practices."

Maaya Matsumoto

Japan , IT

"The IT program offered here at Stamford offers a wide range of different courses that enable us to gain more than sufficient knowledge in this field. The curriculum is also constantly reviewed and updated in order to match the developments being made in technology and ensuring that we are well equipped to deal with it."

Anuthida Lertnamwongwan

Thailand , IT

“I decided to study with Stamford because I was looking forward to exchanging experiences with international and local people. As an electrical engineer, the MBA program helps me to get a better understanding of financial aspects and also helps develop strategies for business.”

Bernd Büchler

Germany , Manager Technical Services of Rodenstock Thailand

“The knowledge I got from Stamford helped a lot in my current management position. I enjoyed the international atmosphere while I was studying in Bangkok. It was an unforgettable experience.”

Alexey Naumov

Russia , Managing Director / JRP / Myanmar

“I want to pursue my studies in an international environment where I can witness, and be part of, diversity and globalization. I am very pleased with the professors and their “non-traditional” way of teaching at Stamford, where learning is not all about textbooks but it is practical, involving interactive classes and discussions.”

Nhi Do

Denmark , Student / Entrepreneur

“I work overseas and have limited time, but Stamford make it possible for me to study MBA. Thanks to the real-time virtual classroom via the Blackboard system, I can study anywhere in the world and stay connected with my instructors and friends. It is as if we were discussing things in class together, even though we are studying in different places."

Pichet Samorapoom

Dubai Metro , Head of Operation - Passenger Services , Fully Online MBA Student

“I am very pleased with the instructors and the content of the program. The professors are supportive and always provide good advice. The content of the program is up-to-date and practical, I can apply it and use it in running my own business.”

Pimyakarn Parnchan

Spa Business Owner, Phuket

“I like how the program is designed to allow maximum flexibility without compromising the interaction between instructors and class mates, unlike other “online programs” in the past. I also like the quality of the program and the case studies that are modern and up-to-date.”

Teerachai Chansakul

BlueScope Lysaght (Thailand) Limited

“I like the quality of the faculty members and the learning environment. At Stamford, we are encouraged to think and analyses all the time and this helps me to improve the way I work. I also love the interaction between faculty members and students.”

Pakamon Tul.

Thai , SVP – Head of Digital Marketing at Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited