For an International Business Management (IBM) student, the world has no borders. Where others see global challenges, as an IBM graduate you will see global opportunities, and you will know how to benefit from them.

In the IBM program, you will interconnect with passionate and knowledgeable teachers who have achieved success managing global businesses in many different countries across the globe. You’ll acquire pure business knowledge and how to apply it by participating in real-world projects in cooperation with successful companies.

We recognise that our students have different interests and we offer you two different minors to give you the opportunity to unleash your potential:

Do you want to become a global business leader?
Then study the Leadership and Management minor, which gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to become a successful manager in a multinational company.

Are you interested in developing business relationships across the globe?
Then choose our International Trade minor, where you will learn from the best on how to become successful doing business in different countries. Students will also have the chance to study some subjects related to entrepreneurship as part of their major elective courses.

Dual Degree Option

• BBA – International Business Management
• BA Business – International Business

Stamford International University has a collaboration with Kendall College, Chicago, USA. Kendall College offers business courses  specializing in International Business, Business strategy, Entrepreneurship and Business Development. International Business  Management students who opt for an international pathway will have a chance to live in the vibrant city of Chicago, a city that hosts many successful multinational companies, and will receive two degrees on graduation from Stamford and Kendall College.

Studying your Bachelor’s degree in two different countries and receiving a diploma from two prestigious universities will be your passport to a very successful and exciting career. Managers constantly look for employees who are able to adapt to different cultures and situations as no matter which industry you work in, globalization will be a significant influence.

You will learn and develop skills in:

  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Development
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Creating Innovative Business Opportunities
  • Delivering Confident Business Presentations

You will be able to:

  • Start your own business
  • Manage an international workforce
  • Launch new products in new markets and countries
  • Help expand a multi-national company
    Initiate or growing a social enterprise
  • Grow your family business
  • Create sustainable business models

Career Opportunities

IBM graduates will be job-ready and be able to work in a broad range of business careers anywhere in the world. Career opportunities include:

  • International Management Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • International Relations Manager
  • Foreign Sales Manager
  • Import / Export Manager
  • International Business Developer
  • Global Product Manager

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