Stamford offers two bilingual tracks: the Thai-English Track and the Chinese-English Track. Stamford designed the step-by-step Bilingual Tracks to help students, at any level of English proficiency, gradually develop their English skills. With Stamford’s progressive learning model, students will step-up with confidence to study and communicate in English.

With bilingual tracks, students study with native lecturers among international classmates. Students will get to improve their listening, speaking and writing skills, including business communication, and use vocabulary that relates to their academic program such as Principle of Management, Principle of Marketing, Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, etc.

In year one and two, students study fundamental courses in Thai or Chinese (depending on the chosen track) while taking other courses in English. Students begin to take more academic subjects in English, while taking fewer subjects in Thai or Chinese. This allows students to gradually practice using English in real situations and using English more professionally in their field of study. From year three onwards until the end of their study, students will have reached the level of English required to study academic courses in English. All the academic subjects will then be taught in English. Students will be well prepared to use English in their everyday life, both inside and outside of classrooms, and will be fully equipped for international careers in the future.