Marketing Stamford Guest Speaker Champ Bajang

Brand Sustainability Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

On Wednesday, January 9, 2019 the Marketing Faculty organized a special seminar under the topic of Brand Sustainability Tips for Young Entrepreneurs. The guest speaker was Khun Win, or Mr. Teeranai Treepermsub, Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Champ Bajang. Attendees include more than 100 participants including lecturers, Stamford All Stars, and students from various subjects.

Champ Bajang is a premium food brand, selling many popular and delicious Thai food and snacks. Khun Win is a young successful entrepreneur who took over as the 4th generation owner of his small family business. Initially starting small, he was able to expand his business to several international markets. The seminar shared many real-world tips on how to build your brand and make your business successful.

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