Nothing Short of Amazing

ZIENAB OLIVERIA stamford alumni

Meet Zienab Oliveria, an International Business Management alumni from Philippines. She is now a Senior Talent Manager at GetLinks.

“My experience at Stamford was nothing short of amazing.”

“I studied International Business Management which is a broad major, but learning so many different courses and getting involved in practical projects that were being reviewed by our lecturers and partner companies has made me realize that there are so many different career options out there in the Business and Tech field. Having a small class made learning more effective and productive as the lecturers were really able to get to know the students and advise us wherever was needed.”

“My studies at Stamford have contributed significantly to my career. During my last semester, Stamford’s career program helped me land an interview with one of the biggest online travel agencies in Asia. Landing this internship has opened up so many opportunities for me in the travel, tech and, eventually, in the recruitment industry.”

“Bangkok is one of the most diverse cities in the world and even though I grew up here, it’s a city filled with surprises and I always find something new to learn and try out. Stamford has a very dynamic culture and during my time there, we had over 70 different nationalities studying, so being exposed to those differences in cultures made my experience even much more memorable.”

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