STIU Announcement

Announcement for Chinese students

To all Chinese students

As the University has announced on January 3rd, starting from Term 3/2022, the teaching and learning modes of fully onsite shall be utilized. Therefore, all students are required to return campus starting from Term 3/2022.

The University would also like to bring to your attention that, as you may have noted already, the Chinese Ministry of Education Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (the “CSCSE”) has announced on 28 January 2023 that it will only recognize degrees awarded to students studying onsite from the spring semester of 2023 onwards – in the University’s case, it is Term 3/2022.

Refer to CSCSE’s announcement on 28 January 2023:

If you are unable to return campus on time, you must request to suspend your studies. To apply for term leave, please contact the Registrar team at

Announced on February 1, 2023
Office of the University Administration (OUA)

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