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STIU Announcement 013/2020 regarding self-quarantine by residents in Lumpini Condo

Self-Quarantine for those who live in the Condominium: Lumpini Place Srinakarin-Huamak Station

Referring to the recent confirmed COVID-19 infection case in the Condominium: Lumpini Place Srinakarin-Huamak Station in Bangkok, although the infected person is not working or studying at Stamford International University, to protect the health of our students, faculty and staff, the University announced the following measure:


  1. All Stamford students, faculty members and staff who live in Condominium: Lumpini Place Srinakarin-Huamak Station are required to self-quarantine at your residence from March 21, 2020 to April 3, 2020. It is recommended to avoid crowded places, to avoid using public transportation, sharing personal household items and using any common areas, and to strictly follow the measures of the Condominium.
  2. During period of self-quarantine, if you are feeling like you have symptoms: a fever, fatigue, a dry cough, muscle pain and/or difficulty breathing, please immediately seek medical advice from the experts at the nearby hospitals.

Please send your information (name, major, room number, phone number) and situation update to

For students, to Stamford Student Center at

For faculty members and staff, to Stamford Human Resource at

Announced on March 21, 2020


With all the best wishes,

The Office of University Administration

Stamford International University


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