The Stamford International University (“STIU”) Student Handbook provides information and guidance which you may need to help you to make the most of the opportunities on offer at Stamford International University. It also gives you formal notification and explanation of the University’s codes, regulations, policies and procedures, and relevant contact details and web links where you can find out more.

Enrollment at this University is an agreement to comply with all rules, regulations, and policies and it is your responsibility to become familiar with these expectations. Ignorance of a policy or regulation is not an excuse for failure to observe it. It is essential, and your responsibility, to read the Student Handbook. This handbook sits alongside other relevant guides to your course and programs, with which you should also familiarize yourself.

While these standards pertain primarily to student actions and behavior occurring on the University campus, it should be noted that the University has the same high expectations of students’ off campus activity. Off-campus conduct may also be subject to University jurisdiction.

The relationship of Stamford International University with all students enrolled in its classes and programs is non-custodial in nature, and legally no special relationship exists between Stamford International University and its students. The University is not a guarantor of student safety on campus, on trips or excursions, in transportation situations or in any other situations involving physical risks.

The University oversees student matters and ensures that the University’s statutes and policies are followed, with interest in examinations, conduct and welfare, and other aspects of the student experience. If you have any concerns or constructive suggestions for improvement, they can be channeled through the Stamford Student Council or through your program advisors.

The Student Handbook does not constitute a contract, between any student and the University. The University reserves the right to make changes to the Student Handbook as deemed necessary. Changes become effective immediately or as determined by the designated academic/administrative committee.

We hope that your time as a student at Stamford International University will be successful and enjoyable.


In case of disputes, the rules and regulations stated in the handbook – published via any official STIU electronic channels, such as this website, Blackboard etc. – will trump above all else. 

Last publication date of the Student Handbook: 2018.