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Congratulations to our five Communication Arts students for taking home 2nd place for their submission to the “Talad Tong Chom” challenge hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. On Wednesday, May 22, 2018, the winning team consisting of Mr. Anawit Jitmana, Mr. Chanawich Tanasedtawut, Mr. Chulapat Pakarat, Mr. Keeramet Chuenvanich, and Ms. Uraiporn Panyakhun received the award for their production titled “Prayasuren Market Bangkok.” For this competition, students were required to produce short film to promote Thai markets and develop the tourist sector of Thailand. Students, mentored by A. Anucha Techamongkonkul (A. Ton), wrote the script; filmed the video; and edited the short film.

We can clearly see that their effort did pay off and we are very proud of our students. If you would like to see the VDO, please click here to watch the video!

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