Stamford and Vaughn

Stamford International University expands dual degree options as it signs MOU with Vaughn College, New York

On 4th April 2018, Stamford International University added yet another international dual degree option to its already impressive offerings as it signed an MOU with Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, based in New York, USA. The Memorandum Of Understanding signing ceremony took place at Stamford’s Rama 9 Campus, Bangkok. Present on behalf of Stamford were Colin Pinto (Left), Director of Undergraduate Programs and Acting Dean – Faculty of Business and Technology, while Vaughn College was represented by Domenic Proscia (Right), the Vice President of Training. 

Stamford is committed in its mission to deliver a truly international education, and this partnership offers not only the incredible experience of studying in both Bangkok and New York, but also allows Airline Business Management (ABM) students the option to graduate with two degrees, one being from the USA. Currently, Stamford is the only Thai based university to collaborate with the internationally recognized and highly reputed Vaugh College of Aeronautics and Technology.

Stamford, having an international accreditation, offers an affordable international education augmented by a diverse and multicultural learning environment. ABM students get hands-on experience through internships with major domestic and international airlines. Students can also avail the option to apply for commercial pilot training and obtain an Ultra-Light Pilot Licence, all while studying for their degree.

Vaugh College of Aeronautics and Technology is a private institution devoted to the fields of aviation, management, engineering and technology where students are prepared with the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful professionals in airlines and related business. After an additional year at Vaughn, ABM students from Stamford who opt for the dual degree pathway will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Airline Management, accredited by ABET and IACBE.

It is through leveraging its international connections and hands-on global experiences that Stamford strives to maximise student outcomes and prepare them for the workplace. With two globally recognised degrees, visits and talks from international experts, internships, work placements, and opportunities in two very different locations, Stamford graduates will have a considerable advantage in an increasingly competitive job-market.

Mr. Colin Pinto, Acting Dean Faculty of Business and Technology, Stamford International University, said that the management and the instructors believe academic cooperation with foreign institutions adds a considerable benefit to the program, and added that Vaughan College is an expert in aviation study and is globally accepted for its airline management curriculum. Consequently Stamford became an academic partner and introduced this dual degree.  Students will study at Stamford (Bangkok) for 3.5 years then at Vaughn (New York) for another 8 months (or about 1 year if students do an internship in New York). The total time is just 4.5 years and students get two degrees. There has not been such a model in an Airline Business Management program in Thailand before.

Not only will they receive a dual degree, the transferable credits between Stamford and Vaughn will also benefit the students. Other benefits include scholarships and the supervision of Stamford students while studying in New York.

Vaughn College’s Vice President of Training, Domenic Proscia, praised the collaboration. “It is very exciting to share our academic excellence with Stamford. We are delighted to welcome Stamford  students to the United States.”

“Vaughn college has been an established college for over 85 years. Additionally, we are also the # 1 in the United States (New York Times, 2017) in Upward Mobility, meaning that Vaughn College is noted as ‘an institution doing more to impact social mobility’. Our graduates get good jobs with a good salary and that’s why they live a better life.”

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