Diana Belemu stamford IBM alumni

How My Studies at Stamford Contributed To My Career

Diana Belemu, an International Business Management alumni who is now a Marketing & Sales Executive at Mahogany Air, shares her study life at Stamford and in Thailand.

Diana Belemu stamford IBM alumni“When I completed secondary school, I found it difficult to figure out what I was passionate about and which career path would best bring out my abilities and strengths. Therefore, I continued to study for my A levels (GCE) for the next 6 months while trying to explore my options. As my parents had retired from their jobs to concentrate on being entrepreneurs, I decided to study International Business Management with hopes to join the family business once I completed my degree. How I ended up at Stamford came as a complete surprise; my uncle found the university through a referral and informed my parents, they liked the university and within a month I was in Bangkok, Thailand with my cousin and best friend.”

“Looking back at my Stamford experience I do not have any bad memories or regrets. At the beginning, I was sceptical because I did not know of anyone who had studied in Thailand. After looking at the same program offered at other universities, it looked very similar to the courses being offered in my program, so I was confident that I was going to receive quality education. During my stay at Stamford, the members of staff were very helpful starting from the front office all the way up to our lecturers and academic supervisors. I am very grateful for their support and in helping me achieve my goals and complete my degree successfully.”

“During the course of my degree, I was fortunate to be involved in a number of industry projects which helped me apply the knowledge I had learnt from my various courses and gave me a preview into what it would be like working in the real world. Stamford also has a Career Hub which offers advice on different internship opportunities and helps in finding you an internship if you are at all struggling to find one. Having a helping hand eased the stress of finding my internship. The industry projects and my internship experience have greatly contributed to my current career as a sales & marketing executive in the family business my parents started called Mahogany Air, which is an airline that is currently operating locally within Zambia. My learning experience has enabled me to apply myself effectively and contribute positively to the growth of the company.”

“Studying in Bangkok, Thailand was a nice experience and I absolutely loved it. This comes as no surprise as Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and having lived there for three years, I can understand why. I loved studying in Thailand because during weekends and holidays I had the option of going partying in the never sleeping city or visiting one of the many exotic beaches. The city of Bangkok is always busy and there is always something new to do, which required me to have a lot of discipline and not lose focus of the main reason I was there, which was to get my degree. Nevertheless, it’s a great city and country to live in.” instagram takipçi satın al

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