How to Success in Job Interview

How to Succeed in Job Interviews

“Job Fair 2018” took place on the 22nd May 2018 at the Bluport Department Store Hua Hin. The event was held by Stamford International University, the Department of Employment Prachuap Kirikhan Province, WWW.JOBBKK.COM and Bluport Department Store Hua Hin.

Students from BA in English program, led by Ajarn Cell Dilon, the Program’s Associate Director, demonstrated Dos and Don’ts in job interviews to the audience.


  • It is important that you make a good impression.
  • Give the employer a firm handshake.
  • Thank the employer for their time.
  • Answer the questions asked with relevant information.
  • When the interview ends, thank the employer properly and leave the room pleasantly and politely.


  • Don’t overdo it when trying to impress the interviewer.
  • Don’t be too informal or disrespectful.
  • Don’t answer just ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. However, don’t give too many details or talk too much about things that were not asked.
  • After the interview ends, don’t rush out too quickly but also, go on talking too much.

The role play was fun and informative. It was an innovative way to demonstrate the Dos and Don’ts which kept the audience’s attention throughout the show.

Watch the role play : 

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