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IBM Alumni Story: Meet Douglas Afzelius

Meet Douglas Afzelius, an International Business Management alumni who is now an Account Manager at Oddwork Sweden AB.

IBM alumni Douglas

How did your studies at Stamford contribute to your career?
“During my three years at Stamford, I had the opportunity to learn so much more about business and management, compared to what I would have learned at a University in Sweden. Studying in an international environment, with students from over 100 different countries, you participate in classes, projects and discussions with different perspectives, ideas and ways of thinking. This taught me to apply a broad mindset in my professional life and career. The wide range of competence of my instructors provided me with a broad skill set and knowledge beyond the study plan, which I find useful in my daily work. I was taught everything from how to deal with customers in a professional manner to being able to cope in a fast paced work environment. Studying at a university as international as Stamford, I also developed a superior commend of the English language, which is something I find useful both in my career and in life in general.”

What did you value about studying in Bangkok/Thailand? Antalya Escort
“When I first arrived from Sweden to a foreign country in Asia, I did not know what to expect. I found out that Bangkok, as a central hub in South East Asia, offers unlimited opportunities. With people from all around the world, an exciting food culture, parks and nightlife, student life in Bangkok was amazing. It is also a great city for networking. Best of all, after a week of intense studies, you can hop on a flight to a beautiful beach down south or explore one of the neighboring countries. Stamford and Thailand gave me the opportunity to both obtain a quality education and have a fun student life, all at very affordable rates.”

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