Communication Arts students launch S Channel

On the 4th September 2018, at Stamford’s Rama 9 Bangkok Campus, the Communication Arts Students of class MAS480/ADV498 (Special Project) organized “The S Channel Launching Event”. Bursa Escort

The “S Channel”, or “Stamford Channel”, is a platform for the university to share all our students’ achievements and success stories from all the different majors. The Communication Arts Department has always had a vision of creating a channel where students could have a platform to disseminate their work and share it with the public. The first program for the S Channel, “ACTION!” will be broadcasting on Communication Arts social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The objective and concept for the show are to be educational, entertaining, professional and modern. The S Channel aims to be of particular interest to Stamford International University students and the university community in Thailand.

Don’t forget to watch the 1st episode of ACTION! the first program on the S CHANNEL on Friday, 7th September at 8.30pm, the Communication Arts Facebook page – Stamford International University.

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