Thailand is a multicultural country, which is an essential business hub in the ASEAN region with a thriving economy and a huge presence of multinational companies. 

Economic Center

Bangkok Economic Center

The employment opportunities available in this exciting city are numerous and varied, with a huge amount of multinational corporations and thriving industry. The advent of ASEAN will inevitably further increase these prospects. Bangkok is also a center for commerce and is Southeast Asia’s key logistics hub.

Culturally Diverse

culturally diverse

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world and has a huge community of expats, which makes the city international, vibrant & exciting. It is a place where traditional Thai living is juxtaposed with multicultural urban lifestyles.

Affordable International Education

Affordable international education

Bangkok is an affordable and easy place to live, with great food and friendly people. The safe and easy living is a major reason why so many international students and expats relocate to the city.

Natural Campus

Hua Hin - Natural Campus

The Hua Hin campus is a residential campus located in a pristine natural environment on a golf resort, just 200km from Bangkok and 4km to the beach. Students can enjoying living and studying on campus with free shuttle services to local shopping and attractions.

Beachside Town Close to Bangkok

Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin is a major tourist destination in Thailand, making it the ideal place to study International Hotel Management. The Hua Hin area has hundreds of amazing hotels, 15 of which are world-class beach resorts.