Stamford MBA Student Won the 1st Runner Up Prize of SEEDSTARS BANGKOK 2018

Congratulations to Verawan Phatrathamrongchai, a Stamford MBA student, COO of “LILUNA”, and the 1st Runner Up of SEEDSTARS BANGKOK 2018. 

On Aug. 23, Verawan, also known as Arm, a Stamford MBA student, entered the SEEDSTARS BANGKOK 2018 Competition, the World’s Biggest Startup Competition in Emerging Markets, and won the 1st Runner Up Prize, getting investment funding for her project “LILUNA” and a ticket to the GLOBAL SUMMIT 2018 in Switzerland.

LILUNA is a carpool or a ride-sharing platform for matching drivers and passengers who go the same way. Having expanded her idea, LILUNA will soon be developed from ride-sharing to “LIFE SHARING”.

“I have learned so many lessons here at Stamford. Thank you to all my professors,” Arm said.


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