Stamford team wins 2018 Nusantara Project Best Paper Award

It is with great pleasure and pride that we would like to announce that the Stamford Team in the 2018 Nusantara Global Consulting Project beat 18 other global teams to win the Best Paper/Project Award.

The competition involves students from across the world that are put into collaborative virtual global teams and who then complete a consulting project for the Nusantara Project working with different Indonesian companies. In 2017 Stamford had five students involved in different teams in the Nusantara consulting project and this was used as their capstone project for International Business Management – a module taught by Dr Kate Hughes.

In October and November 2018 Dr Hughes supervised three Stamford MBA students who volunteered to be in the competition, external to their studies. They were: Rajavadivel Santhanakrishnan, who had just graduated; Chirag Naithani, who is about to defend his IS Plan; and Parasar Bhanupriya, who is completing her final subjects. The three were joined by Indonesian student Wenny Gilliani, to make up a team of four.

Nusantara Project 2018 Stamford

The team worked remotely in their own time for the following two months to complete the consulting project with JNE Logistics, Indonesia. As a result of this, the Stamford-based team was one of the few teams in the competition invited to give a virtual presentation of their project at the 2018 Gorontal, Indonesia International Conference for Academy of International Business and Project Management (in December).

The final stage involved a Peer Review of all teams’ consulting projects by all the academics involved. The Stamford students and their Indonesian teammate, supervised by Dr Kate Hughes and Dr Liem Gaisen, submitted their paper entitled ‘Gap Analysis of Promotional Strategies for Express Logistics Operations in Indonesia: A Case Study on JNE Logistics’.

The result was that, out of the 18 global projects, our team were the winners of the Best Paper/Project.

However, it doesn’t end there. Dr Hughes and the Stamford team have now had two extended abstracts accepted for presentation at the Production and Operations Management Society in Washington DC, USA in May this year.

Congratulations to all who took part and good luck in the future.

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