Participation Certificate

Take-Off with Stamford Airlines

This event was managed by STIU ABM Faculty and Admission Team. High-school students interested in studying in the Aviation field were invited. Also invited were ABM alumni who have led successful aviation careers. These included alumni who have worked in areas of in-flight and ground services with international flag carriers such as Qatar and Lufthansa as well as domestic Airlines such as NOK Air, many of whom recruited as cabin crew.

The presentation showcased the perspectives of ABM alumni on before, during, and after studying Airline Business Management at STIU. They shared their views on study plans and offered tips on how to develop skills and solve problems while studying.  This was also a strong opportunity to learn more on cross-culture learning, a strong point of our ABM students.

Participants asked questions about their future studies with ABM at Stamford Int’ University.  They not only had a chance to meet ABM alumni but also our current ABM students who inspired those high-school students to study at our university. Not only did these participants learnt from our ABM alumni, they also learnt from ABM lectures who talked about study plans and career options for those planning to study at STIU.

At the end of the session, all participants were awarded a certificate from the ABM Department.

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