The 6th STIU International Conference

The 6th STIU International Conference Ended Successfully

The 6th Stamford International University International Conference under the major theme of “Innovative Leadership for Sustainable Development” was successfully held on May 10-11, 2022, at Asoke Learning Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

Established to further the university’s mission of promoting academic research and collaboration with other international institutions in following with the directions of Ministry of Highter Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI) in Thailand, the conference featured 3 keynote speeches and 235 academic and research papers from 7 countries that included China, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, and Taiwan area.  The theme of the conference was also explored in various areas such as social sciences, human sciences, ICT, Innovative Technology as well as education and business management. All the contributions were the key success factors of the conference.

The conference included 14 co-hosts – 4 from China, 4 from Thailand, and 1 each from India, Vietnam, Nepal, and Timor Leste, respectively– as well as 2 research networks from ASEAN. Thanks to our co-hosts for the help and support. Many excellent papers were submitted by professors and students from various global and local institutions. Around 50% of the papers were from outside of Thailand.

During this highly globalized epidemic era, characterized by enormous sustainability challenges, we sincerely hope that all the researchers, scholars, and graduate school students who attended this virtual conference had a great opportunity to communicate with others, exchange their viewpoints and provide recommendations for future sustainability. 

As the conference host, we are very confident that this international conference brought the best in all of us and provided a forum for us to extend our collective wisdom, address challenging issues, and share different perspectives in a spirit of collaboration.

The 6th STIU International Conference Site: Asoke Learning Center

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