Mission: Creating job ready graduates to serve the global job market

The careers and employability hub is responsible for leading the design and delivery of a broad range of internships, career, employability and alumni services across campuses. Servicing with extensive industry knowledge and contacts, we are responsible for building industry partnerships for work integrated learning, placement and graduate recruitment opportunities, supporting all Stamford International University students to improve their graduate outcomes of employment as well as encouraging social entrepreneurship.

  • Create productive and beneficial industry relationships across all programs, attending relevant industry events to secure high-profile opportunities for Stamford International University students.
  • Provide student-facing careers services framework to students. Design and implement relevant graduate workshops for students.
  • Provide the infrastructure, systems, and processes required to manage careers, employability, industry and alumni.
  • Create a vibrant and connected alumni network


Stamford International University has powerful alliances with employers and industry partners that enable students to leverage opportunities to showcase their acquired skills. With an upbeat connect of the progressive world, our associations help explore the possibilities for placements, industry projects, and internships for better career growth. Stamford International University is also in-sync with the changing trends of the younger generation and presents its students to be a blend of empowered individuals who apply modern approaches to solving problems, while adhering to traditional values. These associations will also benefit our students with internship and job opportunities


The Industry Relations function is responsible for facilitating strategic partnerships and industry relevant activities.  By connecting industry partners with our faculty members and students, we are addressing some of industry’s key challenges and optimizing knowledge to benefit students and employers.


Industry Projects

Industry Projects are undertaken by students in collaboration with an industry supervisor and an academic supervisor at the University. Organizations can work with an individual student or a small group. Industry projects are a valuable way for students to understand the wider demands of the business in a supportive and nurturing environment. For project providers, industry projects offer the chance to work with engaged and committed students on a range of ideas without interruption or preconception.

Guest Sessions

Guest lecturers can be an incredible asset to a course. Guest lecturers bring outside knowledge and expertise to the class and can expose students to new perspectives and approaches to solving public challenges. Guest lecturers can provide students the opportunity to contextualize the knowledge and skills that they have developed.

Site Visits

Site visits offer a unique opportunity to go on a tour of an organization’s work places with a group of students to gain inside knowledge about the industry directly from the professionals within the organization. The student can explore the environment of the work place and how the professionals work in real life.


Career Advisors at the Career Hub are committed to helping Stamford students find their ideal career path.

When visiting the Career Hub, students can talk to a career advisor and begin to develop a plan to find out what they want after university life, and what is needed to get it.

Our services are:

  • Guide students in preparing themselves for job searches and interview success.
  • Support students in vocational exploration, identification and integration of personal and professional career goals.
  • Collaborate with colleagues, administrators, faculty, alumni and employers on projects that enhance career opportunities for students and alumni.
  • Share job/internship opportunities with all students through a variety of channels (facebook page**, Digital Board, Blackboard system, announcement board)


The Career Hub offers a wide range of events and workshops, which help improve the knowledge of a particular industry sector or specific employer. The workshops also develop key skills such as effective job hunting, networking, interview techniques and more, every semester.

Our services are:

  • Prepare students for their future career by organizing various kinds of professional workshops, such as cover letter and resume writing, interview tips, etc.
  • Provide the necessary tools and self-assessment techniques to develop skills.
  • Organize events such as Job Fairs and Meet the Professionals.

**Visit our FB for updated Job Opportunities

For more information, please contact a Career Hub Officer via +66 2 769 4000 # 2115, E-mail: (Jenny).


The internship is seen as a very important component of the curriculum by both employers and Stamford International University (STIU). The extent of responsibility and management experience will, of necessity, vary by organization.

The internship is designed to enable students to:

  • Make an effective contribution to the employing organization;
  • Gain first-hand experience of a real working environment and, in particular, the problems encountered in human, financial and other resource terms, in trying to meet organizational objectives, and understand how such problems are tackled;
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand the role in the work of the organization by implementing instructions, directing, understanding, assuring appropriate actions, and successfully carrying out tasks assigned;
  • Develop interpersonal and technical skills, as well as competencies necessary for successful completion of work;
  • Consider and discuss with colleagues and supervisors the relationship between the theoretical concepts and the practical situations they will come across; and apply careful thoughts to ways in which this experience may help students to plan for the future.


The Student Competitions Center supports Stamford’s faculty and students to increase the awareness of potential competition opportunities and encourages them to perform successfully in the competitions.

Our key objectives are

  1. Develop a communication platform to improve the awareness of competitions
  2. Prepare students to perform in national/ international competitions


Stamford International University Alumni exists to help students stay connected with Stamford International University after studies are completed. It enables communication with friends and the university via variety of social media channels such as Alumni Email, Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. University and personal updates will not only strengthen Stamford Community Relationships but also enhance Professional Support via Stamford Facilities such as co-working spaces at Asoke campus and the main library at Rama 9 campus. Additionally, the Career Hub is a brand new professional support center which helps connect Stamford Community Members with well-known corporations.

“To be Stamford, To be Together”