“4 Dimensions of Success in the Corporate World” by Mr. Vikas Mitta

Guest speaker, Mr. Vikas Mittal, visited Stamford University on 4th of September, 2019, to share his experience and knowledge to nearly 100 lecturers and students from the Management Program. He is the Managing Director of Diversey (Thailand, Indonesia , Indochina,) Inc., which provides cleaning and hygiene products and technologies for global industries in hospitality, healthcare, food and beverage, and food service.

Mr. Vikas spoke about the “Four Dimensions of Success in the Corporate World” in which he shared key insights on how to not only become financially successful doing the job you’re passionate about, but also how to be happy and have a balanced life. The four dimensions of success are:

1. The MIND representing the financial independence we should strive to achieve
2. The BODY representing our personal health which we should upkeep
3. The SOUL representing meaningful work that we should discover and have passion for
4. The HEART representing our relationships with our peers and co-workers

Student also learned many interesting concepts, including the Law of Attraction; Deserve; Perception; Commitment; Credibility; and the Circle of Influence and Circle of Concerns. Indeed our special guest speaker gave a very insightful and interactive lecture we all enjoyed.

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