Airline Business Management

The curriculum is designed to offer a complete rounded education that fosters creativity, skills in writing, and public speaking. You will learn the principles and creative strategies behind developing effective campaigns, whether it may be for a new product or a corporation.

Stamford English Program

The Stamford English Program will prepare you for a modern world in which English proficiency is necessary. A multi level structure will start your English studies at the best place30


Experience the most interactive Online MBA Thai Program tailored to Thai professionals and entrepreneurs. With a high level of voluntary interaction and the latest technology you will never feel like you are studying alone!

Creative Media Production and Entertainment

Start your career in the dynamic and exciting field of media and communication by joining the Communication Arts program at Stamford International University. You will have the opportunity to work with industry standard audio-visual equipment, a professional studio, and editing suites to foster and enhance your skills.

Creative Media Design

Creative Media Design (CMD) students will learn and develop an expertise in drawing, typography, packaging design, advertising design, photography, web development, motion design, video production, interactive design and 3D design.30


Be a successful marketer in any business! Studying Marketing Management at Stamford will enable you to master marketing strategies, data interpretation and integrated marketing communication planning. You will be job-ready in the highly in-demand marketing field.