Stamford PDCA

Stamford Bilingual Students won 2nd runner up in Students’ Project Competition

Stamford Bilingual students won second runner-up in “Tertiary Students’ Project Contest Based on PDCA” by Institutional Quality Assurance Network (IQAN) hosted at Rangsit University.

Project Responsibility:
1. Ms. Chanittha Serksiri
2. Ms. Pitchapa Ratchasak
3. Ms. Sasithorn Thaya
4. Ms. Siwanat Wattanachalee

Project Advisor: A. Kewarin Tantong

The students created the CSR project named “Brighten Their World” to organize activity,  fundraise and donate money to blind and disabled children at Baan Dek Ramindra School.

At the event, they presented the project based on the Deming Model (PDCA – Plan; Do; Check; Act) to illustrate that they can apply their knowledge, skills and the PDCA to create the project that helps the society.

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