Stamford IAB

Stamford International University moves forward to Graduate 4.0 through collaboration with Industry

Stamford International University organized the second Industry Advisory Board meeting on February 13, 2019. Executives from leading companies were invited to discuss with Stamford’s program leaders and faculty members regarding the various ways to develop strategic cooperation between the university and the industry sector.

Stamford’s industry advisory board consists of 27 members from organizations representing industries that have expertise in accordance with the programs offered by the university.

The role of the Stamford Industry Advisory Board is to advise the university’s faculty members at the curriculum level to make sure that the program can help graduates to meet the needs of industry. The members of the board also help update new trends and changes in that particular industry and support activities that are embedded in the teaching and learning. They also provide opportunities for students to experience real work with company experts, such as giving industry projects – real projects from the organization where students plan real solutions. The industry partners can also offer internship opportunities or co-create curricula together with the university.

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This meeting gives Stamford the opportunity to leverage industry input to improve the curriculum and teaching methods in order to cultivate graduates that are ready to grow and succeed in the 4.0 era and become quality resources in both Thailand and international contexts. instagram takipçi satın al

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